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Re: Perilymph Fistula

I had PLF surgery on one ear several years back and I don't think there is a lot you need to do post-op compared to any other time you go under general anesthesia. I suppose you could recommend complete bed rest and not do anything that might dislodge the fatty tissue graft, but my doc who is a very famous neuro-otologist surgeon had the opinion that there is not much you can do to either cause or prevent the patching to fail.

My recovery was fairly rapid and I immediately noticed that noise and pressure changes (such as passing trucks on the highway or the subway approaching) no longer bothered me. Beyond that it was just a slow improvement for a while helped by Epleys but then my inner ear issues started again. They are finally at bay for me which mostly seems to be result of first having anti-fungal medication and subsequently antihistamines to deal with previously undiagnosed allergies.

PLF is still very controversial in medical studies. You can't truly diagnose it without visual confirmation. Almost all cases get better at least for short term, which might be due to fluid pressure relief or the anesthetic. If it then gets worse, the answer is either you screwed up your fistula or you never had one in the first place.

Don't feel bad about blaming yourself. I know I screwed up my fistula with some very dumb choices (I blame the Internet). I had to deal with feeling helpless, depressed, useless, embarrassed, and worse, so do take care to get support on that. and do know in many cases it gets better and you will have a hard time recalling the miserable times.