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Dr's appointment tomorrow

So I go in tomorrow to get the doctor's opinion on how my healing has been progressing.

I think the ligament part of the damage is resolving itself somehow to some degree. I think the initial injury was because of severe ankle instability and I don't think that the conservative treatment will cure that but at least it doesn't hurt there and that nagging feeling of stretching out bad elastic is gone.

I have been in the boot for 4 weeks. In the beginning it was unbearable to walk in it so I used crutches. I finally went back to full weight bearing just last Wednesday. It will ache quite a bit if I do too much walking. Since I work at a school that can accommodate 1200+ students, we have a large building and I am not even close to a bathroomm, lol. I curtail much unnecessary walking and my administartion has helped me to curtail lots of walking (no one bats an eye if I don't sign in, and my duty has been changed to eliminate 30 minutes of walking 3 times a week).

One of the problems I see is that reduced walking to avoid the deep ache is not a long term solution.

I am having lots of trouble reaching what is the best decision. There is more than just me to think about in the decision.
Also because it is the end of the school year and because we are moving 4000 miles away, I am not comfortable just ditching the whole end of the year. I teach a course where I see the same kids several years in a row and many of them will be hurt if I just disappear. Then again, if I wait until the school year is over, then we hit the road before I am weight bearing. I don't feel comfortable leaving my husband to handle the full details of this massive move and having to caretake me all at the same time.

I am down to thinking the best solution for everyone but me is for me to suck it up for the next few months to get everything and everyone finished up and moved. I'd have to include hounding the military insurance to make sure that permissions for future treatment are already in place when get to Alaska. I can do that. Then I just have to make sure that I have 60 days worth of pain meds to see me through end of the school year and the move.

Meanwhile my husband and I have put together some questions. I would appreciate feedback on them.

1) Exactly how big is the osteochondral lesion?
2) Please explain the feeling of heat flushing through the ligaments?
3) How stable/unstable is my ankle when compared to a "normal" individual
4) We are 15 weeks from the original injury. Pain is still present as is mild swelling at a point away from the ligament injury. What is the next thing to try now? If PT, then for how long?
5) Is surgery in my forecast? If no then:
(A) What will be the next non-surgical attempt?
(B) What are specific instructions in regard to walking - boot/brace? PWB/FWB?

If yes on surgery then:
(A) Then what is the recovery times and how long for
Elevated? NWB? PWB? FWB?
(B) How will this mesh with our move and a 12-day/4100 drive?

I appreciate input and feedback. I have also talked a bit with a counselor (I am so down about my health issues and this ankle problem) and we have been exploring why I become so passive and ineffective in front of a doctor when that is the exact opposite of my personality. I am looking forward to being more effective tomorrow.

Thank you!
Severed AFTL and osteochondral lesion of the talus dome
Resulting from a fall on Jan 6, 2012. Finally had surgery 10/29/2014 after another bad fall.

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