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Re: Dad addicted to Nyquil

Wow. I am apalled over what I am hearing. Obviously addiction is not understood by some people. Nyquil has alcohol in it (hello!), very addicting. My mom used to be addicted to it. She is not an addict, so she was able to stop (not sure if she suffered withdrawal). However, I am an addict/alcoholic. I know how our brains work! A person can get addicted to anything, even marijuana. If something gets you out of yourself, and you continue to use it for that reason (or because you like the feeling of not feeling normal), there's an issue. I know it's sad to see your dad like that; my dad has the same issue with alcohol. He is stubborn and is in denial as well. All you can do is tell him how you feel (with out bringing up any substances he can replace it with; if he has an addictive personality, he may be addicted to 2 things). Write him a letter, that's what I did. He can ponder on it and think about what you are saying. If he comes back with excuses, denial, gets defensive, or thinks he doesn't have an issue..most likely he does. It is not normal to chug any medication. Just listen to him, do not argue. It won't get anywhere, trust me.