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24/7 headache all the time

Hello. This is my first post. My name is Jon. I am 23 years young. I have had a headache since August 1st, approx, 9 months. Not headaches, just one long miserable headache. I'm sure there are others out there so I figure why not give this message board a try.

As far as tests are concerned, I've had various blood work done, Mri of neck, mri of brain, CT Angiogram, EEG, and 6 xrays of neck. I have seen 2 neurologists, one of whom got me into the Jefferson Hospital Headache Center in Philadelphia. I have seen them twice thus far. I go back at the end of June.

There have been other specialists along the way. I tried the chiropractor route which led to an upper cervical specialist. It turned out I had a misaligned neck. My c1/c2 were off alot. This was corrected but no change in the headache in the slightest. There was hope that c1/c2 issues cause migraine like headaches but in my case i had 2 separate unrelated medical problems.

If anyone list any specific recommendations, i can tell you if i tried it. The last ones i currently tried were the sumatriptan (100mg) pills / and injector. I tried indomethacin for 3 weeks and even though i took tums, pepcid, and omeprazole to adverse the effects, that medicine tore my stomach apart so i stopped. I have currently been on Topamax since January, taking atleast 100 mg everyday for 2 months. The docs at Jefferson are going to see what happens when i try 200 mg for 2 weeks before i wean it. After that I will try something called Elavil. I have been trying medicine without success for awhile. I know there are others who have done it longer so can imagine how frustrating it can be when it is all experimental, and all you get is side effects. I have been on 14 or 15 meds so far.

The headache didnt just come out of nowhere either. I was weight lifting one day and I felt something off and Ive had the same headache ever since.

I thank you for taking the time and reading this. Any help will be appreciated.

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