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Re: UPJ Obstruction, Recovering from Retrograde Endopyelotomy/Pyeloplasty


Sorry to hear about your troubles but I hope it comforts you to know you're not alone! Almost the same exact thing was happening to me last year! I am hoping it has gotten better by now though.

I actually made an account just to write you back about this matter. I am going to tell you now that you need a second opinion. It sounds to me like you had a regular stent put in (which is very painful if you have a blockage in your ureter and have for most of your life which I did). It's a normal procedure which causes you to be in and out of the hospital.

I'll just tell you a bit about what happened to me! I had back pain for most of my life and eventually found out I had a blockage in my ureter causing my right kidney to pretty much be useless. My doctor told me the same thing, they'll try to the stent to see if it opens it up more to let the urine flow through then I'll get another renal scan to see if my kidney function has improved. Well anyways, I got the stent put in and I was having a lot of pain like you wrote. HORRIBLE pain. The first day I was at home I couldn't move and I was in constant pain. So I went to the doctor and he was reluctant to give me meds but he eventually did and it helped so much. But they didn't give me very much and I eventually ran out and ended up in the emergency room asking for more pain meds. They did the same thing to me, acting like I was a drug addict or something but eventually gave me more. At this time my family wanted me back with them in Europe so I flew over and started seeing a kidney specialist here. The plane ride was hell but it was so worth it. My new kidney doctor told me I needed to go to the hospital immediately because he said my other doctor in the states either didn't put the stent in correctly or it had moved. By this time I was always in pain. Sometimes I would feel okay but then minutes later I would be hunched over in pain and nauseous. And it had gotten to the point where I had to wear adult diapers because my bladder spasms were so bad that I couldn't control my bladder.
Anyways I took my new kidney doctor's advice and went to see the urologist at the hospital. They checked me in immediately gave me pain medication and set me up in the next day to get a replacement stent. I got it and I was scared honestly because I knew after the procedure I'd be in pain. But to my delight I felt 100% better! They even kept me in the hospital for a week to monitor me and see if I have an infection.

After I was released a few months later I came back to the hospital and had another renal scan, they decided my kidney function would never improve but it was at somewhat of a stable function to go ahead with the pyleoplasty surgery.

This might not be the case for you but I figured it couldn't hurt to write you back about it and tell you it's definitely NOT normal to have that much pain with a simple stent put in and you should maybe see another doctor or surgeon maybe someone who's specialty is in this area! It is so dangerous if you keep getting infections in that area and could cause you to get infections in your other organs.

If you're curious about anything else you can write me back on here and I'd love to answer any of your questions! I really hope this helped and I hope you're feeling better and on your way back to being 100% healthy again!