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Talking Re: AZOOR? Any experience?

Hi Lioness
I was diagnosed with AZOOR last December. I have been told that steroids don't really make much difference, as the side effects can outweigh the benefits. I have not taken any anti-inflammatories either. I take paracetamol and codiene for pain in my left eyeball.

It is a frustrating condition and mine is pretty stable. The blind spots are always there (left eye only), the flashing lights come and go.The Consultant explained that the flashing lights are caused by the affected light/dark cells in the retina trying to "fire". Lastly if I'm unwell/stressed or been over-exercising (fast pulse and feeling exhausted) I can see wriggling worms. It can be quite entertaining when checking my blind spots to make things disappear! How, specifically, is your vision getting worse?

My usual opticians have been pretty useless. I made a complaint last month after a regular appointment and have been disappointed that out of all the staff I have seen or spoken to, no-one has stuck their neck out and said they will do some research and find out if any particular eyewear will help. I wear polarised sunglasses in the sun anyhow, so they are on my head or face all day as I find sunlight/bright indoor lights and glare quite painful (indoors and out).
I take an anti-oxidant and selenium supplement with vitamins A Cand E for arthritis, vitamin A is good for eye health, so I guess I'm benefitting both at the same time!

I am sorry that I don't have much in the way of advice for you. Keep in touch and maybe we can find some answers.

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