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Re: 24/7 headache all the time

When the headache started on August 1st, it was very inconsistent. It was everywhere (side of head, back of head, top of head) It did this until the 3rd week of September. Since this time, my temples are always throbbing, the forehead is always pounding, and when it gets worse, the top of my head is pounding. I hate referring to the pain scale but since the end of September, it has stayed between a 4-6. Some of you may thing this is mild. It is not. A 6 on this scale will keep me bedridden and I hate to admit it but yes there may be some tears. Its just it is a pain scale and i know it was way worse back in August so as bad as what im dealing with is now, it doesnt not measure in levels of pain what August brought. If my headache was a 10 in August then this at the worst is a 6.

I think it may also help to understand who i am. I am 6'1" and started out 175lbs when this happened. I lifted 5-6 a week. I ran 3-4 times a week. I played sports. I ate healthy. As i write this i currently weigh 150lbs. The weight loss can partly be attributed to medicine side effects.

It is more than a headache. I have not lifted or exercised this entire time because the smallest activity sets my heart racing. Even carrying groceries in or carrying wet laundry into the dryer can make the headache worse. Any small activity you can think of it affects. Having painted a picture of my life before this, you imagine how my life is different, which adds to the frustration. It hurts to do the stuff that you like so i just cant do it anymore.

I am not asking for sympathy or anything. Just if anyone has any direction or if your in a similar situation i would be grateful to hear from you.. Thank you.

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