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Originally Posted by kilokilo View Post
Okay, so two or three days ago I started to notice some pain in my nose. This pain is excruciating (I still have it while I'm writing this message). I have NO idea on what happened, not even HOW it happened because I was never hit especially anywhere near my nose. If it relates to impact, the most I can say was somebody accidentally hit the bottom portion of my nose (that bone piece that seperates the opening the nostrils) during an unorganized basketball game. I have allergies, and I just put some creme on my nose right before I wrote this. Also, I have been wiping my nose a lot with tissues. In addition, yesterday I looked at my nose and in the inner portion of MY right nostril there was something that looked like a pimple, possibly a wart, honestly I have no idea what it is. All I know is that after I tempered with it, it popped and a dark yellow liquid bursted and continued to flow from it. Then I checked it again and it seems some of the skin has ripped off and after that burst it started to bleed very minutely. Now, whenever I touch my nose (keep in mind that the top big bone is UNharmed) there is much pain. When I touch the, what I believe is the columella, (that small piece of bone/cartiledge that divides the opning nostils on the bottom) and when I press on it from any side there is a lot of pain. Also, the area around is inflamed and I think it is swollen. I'm sick, I blow my nose a lot, and I have allergies. Can somebody tell me what's wrong or what to do. I feel like its broken =(
I have had pimples inside my nose like the one your describing and it usually causes me pain when ever I try twitching my nose I feel a sharp intense pain but usually goes away in a week

If pain consist I would recomend going to the doctor