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almost 4 year old not gaining weight?

ok my daughter will be 4 in July, and well she's been 29lbs for almost 2 years now, she has also only grown 1.5inchs (she's 36.5 inchs) in the past 2 years as well her dr has looked into this ran a bunch of blood tests ect and she's just decided that my daughter is just small as i'm only 5'3 but i'm 140lbs so "over weight" and he dads 6' but he's only about 130lbs .... but shouldn't she at least be growing? i can understand her being small and even skinny but it should still be changing...... my sister has a daughter who is 4 1/2 months younger then mine who is double the size of mine i know i shouldn't compare cause no 2 kids will be alike but i can't help it..... now my daughter is a very very picky eater although she never used to be not sure what happened, and i know with how she eats she may not gain weight but will it affect her growth over all as well? i'm planning on bringing this up to her dr again when we are in again... i'm starting her on pediasure cause i know shes not getting everything she needs with how she eats and out health nurse has suggested trying it..... but i'm rather concerned about her being so small

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