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Re: Dr's appointment tomorrow

I was just reading your post and thought I would say hi. I am also a military wife currently station at Fort Bliss, TX. My husband is at the Sargent Major Academy. Where are you currently station? We will also be moving in a couple months but are waiting to find out where we are going.

I just fell and hurt my ankle on April 12th. I just picked up my MRI results this morning.

This is what they found:
1)Anterior talofibular ligament tear.
2)Small posterior tibiotalar and posterior subtalar joint effusions.
3) Posterior talus medially and medial malleolus posteriorly with mild bone marrow edema.

Not sure what all that means. I have a doctor appointment on Thursday to find out. All I know is I am having a lot of pain, my foot and ankle are black and blue. I do have some Tylenol 3 and they gave me 800 mg morton.

Keep me posted on how you are doing? Us Military wife have to stick together. Don't let them push you out. If you are having pain still get that second opinion. I will keep you updated on how my appt goes. I did post on another thread. Looking forward hearing from you.