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Re: 24/7 headache all the time

I was doing some biceps curls. As far as something cracking or anything, no i just remember i was in the middle of a set and i was probly over exalting myself by not breathing right. I didnt just wake up with a headache so unless the weighlighting experience was a trigger, it would seem that it would be a structual problem but all scans so far have been negative.

I have not tried any cortisone injections of any kind. We are currently looking into acupuncture. I mentioned i had the misaligned neck. I am just getting comfortable turning my neck left and right with less pain so i wanted to wait for it to be less painful. Same with my shoulder blades.

I havent felt different at all taking the topamax, i know it doesnt work for everyone but it is my understanding that doing as much as ive been on, 100 mg for atleast 2 months and now upping that for a brief period, it should change it in the slightest. And thats kind of what brought me here. It is all experimental but the fact is I have taken medicine that works for alot of people and none of it changes my condition in the slightest.

This goes back to it being structural. Maybe none of the medicine has worked because there is still something structurally wrong that hasnt been picked up. I know my docs were willing to give me a spinal tap, thats the one test i havent got yet, and its only to rule out something called idiopathic intracranial hypertension, which is a spinal leak in your vertebrae. I have talked to someone with this and it just doesnt seem that my symptoms match this. Patients of this, when laying down comment how the headache changes quite noticeably and when they sit up the fluid leaks worsening the headache. Maybe if someone here has had this they can comment on this further.