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Re: Dr's appointment tomorrow

We're at Fort Sam Houston. You know -they've been setting it up as the new Walter Reed and what the military wants to hold up as the best that military medicine has to offer. If what my whole family has gone through is any indication, soldiers are screwed.

I plan to contact the guy that works on the Spurs and see if I can afford that second opinion.

We're headed to Fort Wainwright in June.

I am glad you have that Tylenol 3. I did not find the Motrin to be helpful for inflammatory issues.

Hey Hollywood, I forgot to throw in there that I was also told that I asked about the flushes of heat (which are indicative of nerve damage usually) in the ankle, he blew that off too and told me that because we had immobilized it for so long that it was like a poison and caused problems even as it helped with others.

That's when I asked about PT was shot down for that one too.
Severed AFTL and osteochondral lesion of the talus dome
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