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Increased water intake

Hey everyone,

I've been working on weight loss and metabolism increase for some time now, however I've only recently (within the last week) started to increase my water intake. Before I drank very little water and quite a bit of coffee. I now have a 16 oz water bottle at work that I drink twice over the course of the day (Not all at once, of course). I've been doing this for about a week.

I apologize, this next part is going to get a bit graphic and descriptive about bathroom habits - but I figured this was the best place to ask as I'm sure I'm not alone.

(You've been warned).

Now, I know that increasing water intake can cause you to pee excessively for some time since your body is not used to all the extra liquid. However, I was not aware that increasing water also increased bowel movements.

I used to go once a day around 1:30pm, but now I find myself going a few times a day - usually the first is normal, but after that I get some watery-ness. I've increased my fiber intake in the morning and I snack a little during the day (apple or banana mid-afternoon). I'm aware BMs can be different for everyone, but I was curious if this increase is something I'll have to get used to, or if like urinating; it will go for awhile until my body 'adjusts'?

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