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Re: Self-harming

My daughter is 24 and is diagnosed Aspergers. She literally hated junior high and high school. No one would do a diagnosis until she requested it now. But, she wanted to die, too. She put cuts on her arms in high school. She talked about doing serious things. Although math and such was impossible, she was good in art. Your daughter might enjoy making things, drawing scenes from daily life, origami, painting. I found artist expression helped my daughter. Words were not necessary for her through those things.

I told her that being different was fine, good, and that she had "golden hands".
I found a counselor she liked. They met once a week for awhile. She still has times where she feels suicidal. I tell her she wants relief, not to die. She is overwhelmed. That seems to take some pressure off.

I hope some of this is helpful. Expression is so hard for Aspergers.