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Re: Biopsy for a .8mm thickened uterine lining

I've had a d&c which was a piece of cake. Also had a biopsy that was painful, but luckily came back fine. An ultrasound found a very large fibroid. I had become extremely anemic from heavy periods. I was told a hysterectomy was an option, but had to get the anemia under control first. Started getting lupron shots in January which caused me to bleed the entire month. Was told that the 2nd shot would stop the bleeding. The day after the 2nd shot I began hemorrhaging and was sent to the hospital. By the next morning I was in need of transfusions and an emergency hysterectomy. The fibroid was on the outside of my uterus and my body was trying to get rid of it. It has now been 11 weeks since surgery and I feel like a new person! Don't let anyone tell you that fibroids are harmless. I could have died!