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HELP-Blood clots,pelvic pain, first time spotting

I'm freaking out a little here...
I have never really had any problems with my period. It started when I was 12/13 (can't remember) and I never really had horrible cramps or any PMS symptoms.
I'm about to turn 24, 150lbs, 5'4"
In the past 2 years my period symtoms have gotten tremendously worse. Bad cramping, sore breats, etc. I just figured my body was changing and that it's normal-which is most likely is. But in the past year, I have noticed some different syptoms...
I have started to get blood clots. They started out very small and infrequent but my latest period brought on 2 at once that were both larger than a tablespoon (the measurement, not the actual spoon).
It also occasionally hurts when I am having sex. But only when he is pretty deep (sorry for being graphic), but is that normal? I almost always feel very uncomfortable the morning after as well.
PELVIC PAIN!! Ouch! I've been getting these extremely sharp pains right before and during my periods. It's not anything like cramping - It feels like it's coming from my uterus. A stabbing pain. It's uncontrollable and unpredictable and feels MUCH worse when I am gassy. But almost always goes away after I pass those blood clots. In the past month, I got this pain in between periods...which scared me. And also this past month, I started spotting 3 days before my period. just once and a small amount, but that has never happened to me before. Is all of this correlated? Or just coincidence?
I'm scheduled to go to the doctor next week, but just wondered if anyone had some of these same symptoms.

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