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Question -Given blank script? Confused...

This morning I went to my Orthopedic consult as referred by PCP, and I am now perplexed to say the least... First, I was never given a chance to define my pain, give my history, or speak at all really; he was very abrupt (not rude per se, but of the attitude that I had nothing valuable to contribute and thus wasn't interested in giving me an opportunity to speak). Secondly, he interpreted my recent T-spine/L-spine X-ray as abnormal, citing diminished/absent normal physiologic lordosis/kyphosis (curvature) of the lumbar and lower thoracic spine respectively (AKA abnormal spinal straightening) which two other MD's have interpreted as normal 2 view studies of T/L spine. I was dismissed with orders to "look for charity to receive funding for an MRI of the L-spine".

What I am absolutely stumped on is the following. When I was leaving, he gave me a script for diclofenac (Voltaren 75mg Bid). When I got back home and put my receipt, previous imaging records, etc away and put the script on my desk, I realized there was a second, blank script sheet. Now if it was just a blank script I could maybe make the leap that two sheets were unintentionally torn off the pad and it was just a mistake. Problem is, the blank script sheet is SIGNED. It is a completely blank script with preprinted DEA# and state control # and everything, with a VALID, HAND SIGNED SIGNATURE and nothing else handwritten. He only mentioned one medication before leaving the exam room, so it can't be that he forgot to fill out a second med he intended to prescribe. What on EARTH would result in an MD handing someone a "blank check" as it were - an otherwise blank signed and valid script sheet?!?!

As a side note, when I returned home I also had my imaging reports as they were read by radiology faxed to the PM doc I saw in 2007, and am trying to get Orthopedic to fax the reports of the same imaging as he read it this morning (with different interpretation)

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