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Lung Nodule - 3.5mm

Well, sorry to repeat, but I went in for a abdominal/pelvic ct scan (contrast/no contrast) because I was having some pretty severe pains on my right flank... and like what seems to be many others, they came upon a 3.5mm nodule somewhere in/around my left lung. So, now I'm exteremly scared I have cancer... I have done my research over the last 24 hours, and obviously there is so much to be said out there. I have talked to my Dr. just yet (he hasnt called - I got the results from the lab myself). I'm assuming that if it was a really big deal they woulda called me by now.

Anyways, does anyone have any idea of what else it could be? Words of encouragement would be nice... They also found a small calcified scar, most likely from Valley Fever or TB a long time ago.

And no, the right side pain hasnt been diagnosed yet... all my other organs came back as 'normal'.

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