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Re: High PSA - negative biopsies - Low Testosterone - Connection ??


Thank you very much for your reply and all the information on Testosterone. I am going to print your reply and discuss with my Urologist.

I was kinda hoping my low T score of 150 was the cause of these high and very fluctuating PSA readings. I guess I don`t fully understand the connection if there is any between low T and PSA. By that I mean if some kinda hormonal thing was going on in my system over that past couple of years could that have caused my PSA to shoot up.... Or did my high PSA maybe cause my T level to drop ???

But on the other hand, all these Bladder stones I had (wherever they came from -) Dr. said my urine was stagnating in the bladder from not drinking enough during the day. Moved from Jersey to Florida shortly before this all started happening and had a job outdoors in the Florida heat and humidity and I rarely drank anything during the day - Not Good... (could those stones have raised my PSA ?? )

Anyways, I guess even though my PCA 3 score was pretty low at 11, I should probably go ahead with another biopsy next week ?? I don`t really care for them.

Thanks again for your time and response.