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Re: Fatigue is really bad, should I see the Rhumatologist?

i have had a lot of fatigue lately and when that starts, the pain starts.

"If I stand to long or walk to far my legs start hurting and feeling like their going out from under me. The pain especially in my arms is terrible."

i am on 90 cymbalta dn 50mg lyrica..
i tried to increase lyrica to 75 but got pretty bloated and slight Edema.
i don't think i am on a high enough dose of lyrica to make any difference.
maybe i should stop that up the cymbalist.

i am trying to figure out what med is making me so damn tired.
i can't wake the AM it is like a coma.. so i get up at 11 am and see all the work on the house and have no energy to clean or garden and if i have energy it seem like i have pain.
i feel like i am loosing my life.. who i am because it takes so long to accomplish things the time flies and another day to try to figure it all out.
i am depressed. it will pass.