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Re: High BP *causing* anxiety?

Originally Posted by dantescritic View Post
I was just thinking, all of the young anxiety/hypertensives on this site should exchange e-mail. Or even ask for a sub-board to discuss the connections.

Before I had my anxiety disorder my blood pressure was a perfect 120/80 now it fluctuates 140-160/80-90 sometimes even higher if in a very stressful situation "doctors office".
That's a great idea, actually. Especially because it would seem that, logically, there would be a connection or two.

From my understanding, your Blood Pressure is regulated by your Kidneys, your Hormones and your Nervous System.

Now, we often hear that genetics or heredity is the cause of many young, healthy, hypertensives but... genetics/heredity isn't some kind of magical, end-all explanation for anything. Basically, all genetics/heredity means is one of the factors that regulate your Blood Pressure is not acting as it should because of an unknown cause... which happens to run in your family.
Essentially it could be a deformation of something, an excess in nerves (for example), the thyroid malfunctioning in a very specific way, etc.

My biggest question is: What are some things many of us have in common?

Perhaps not enough (or not large enough) research has been conducted to examine the correlations between patients with Essential (or hereditary/genetic) Hypertension.

I'll start...
With me, I was diagnosed at 17 when my BP was at 170/110. I had some blood work and urine tests done, all came back fine (according to the Dr.) and later, I had a test where I wore a monitor connected to some sticky circular pads all over my chest for 24 hours- that test came back fine. I've also had EKG's (even had 2 done about 2 months ago)- those came back fine. And lastly I've had a test done where they put gel on my chest and stuck some kind of handheld thing to my chest and moved it around and showed an ultrasound-looking image on a screen and had determined that I had 3 heart murmurs that were very small and that they could see my heart palpitations- and also concluded that my murmurs should clear up in a few years (saying they were most likely associated with young age) and that my heart was 100% healthy.

From my childhood though, I had anxiety for as long as I could remember and some degree of depression (though that was most likely due to neglect from my father).
I was also diagnosed with ADD (attention deficit disorder) at the age of 7 and took Ritalin, only on school days (not weekends or summer breaks), and only up until 9th Grade, where I stopped taking it altogether.
And currently, my psychiatrist and therapist strongly believe I am a strong candidate for having Asperger's Syndrome.
(I just need insurance to get the tests done for my Psychiatrist to make an official diagnosis.)

I hope this information helps someone, somehow.
How about you guys/gals?
Any of you have hypertension for an unknown cause and care to share your medical info so we can find commonalities?
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