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Re: Colonoscopy discovered rectal mass

Originally Posted by clhill2 View Post
I have just had my first colonoscopy (I am 61) and my doctor says that he discovered a large tumor (no size mentioned) he says that it has to be removed surgically. I have to have blood work and a CT scan. I am awaiting the biopsy results and his review before surgery can be scheduled. I am presuming it is a rectal mass because that is what it says on the CT order. What can I expect? I am worried only because I have had stomach problems since my early 20's and in spite of telling doctors about these problems no one seemed concerned so I just assumed it was normal. Problems were and are periodical diarrhea (mostly just mucus & blood) and terrific stomach cramps. Sometimes after I eat I immediately must go to the bathroom, stomach cramps really bad. Now this has gone on for almost 40 years. It became just an everyday thing for me. A year and a half ago I lost 14 pounds very quickly and when I went to my doctor he didn't seem to think that there was a problem. Now, well about 6 months or so ago I started to put on weight and started having problems with discomfort in my abdomen; always feeling as if I were full, lots of gas, constipation intermittent with diarrhea (mostly mucus, blood bright red) when I did have a bowel movement it was pencil thin pieces or big blobs that floated; but I always felt as if I was full.
When I say full you know that feeling you get when you overeat and around your stomach it feels tight, well thats how I feel most of the time, very uncomfortable. I was finally able to go for a colonoscopy (my insurance company now fully paid for it, 2 years ago I was going to have to pay for it because I hadn't met my deductible). So that's where I am at and wondering if anyone can tell me anything. I am presuming it is cancer and don't have any idea as to what to expect.
Dear ClHll2:
While your post is almost 5 months old, I hope that you are doing well. I had my second colonoscopy recently and my results were good. I had lots of anxiety around the time that the 5year check was due because I was having some bowel obstructions. Most importantly we must encourage each other to have the procedure because early detection saves lives. Be positive, stay on good diet and exercise.