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Need help with my teenager

I'm currently having issues with my 13 year old son, and I don't know whether it is "normal" teenage behaviour (which I am constantly being told) or whether it might be something more like depression, or some other mental illness.
His moods are absolutely shocking, some days he won't speak to me, other days he argues constantly with me, just wants to stay in room, he is not eating much, he is slowly failing at school, and he is just completely defiant with me. His dad is currently deployed overseas with the military, so I am coping with this on my own, and i just don't know what to do anymore.
I have been to three different councillors, and the family doctor. They all tell me this is normal for a teenage boy - but I just don't know. i rang a different councillor on Thursday, who told me that unless my son is prepared to talk and tell them what is going on, they can't help. My son tells me there is nothing wrong, and that if i take him to see a councillor, he won't talk anyway. But he is obviously unhappy for some reason.
Although my husband and I are not super wealthy people, my son has never gone without either - he has led a pretty good life for a 13 year old -he goes to the best school in our town, been overseas numerous times, has all sorts of electronic gadgets to play with etc. So he basically has no reason to feel like he has gone without, or he gets a hard time. As my son pointed out to me tonight "yes but that was your decision to do that for me"! Ungrateful!
We've always had pretty good communication with him, but just lately he is unbearable. I am so stressed about him, I've tried so hard to get to the bottom of what is going on, but he refuses to talk and no one else is prepared to help either.
He also likes to blame me for everything that goes wrong in his life - even if it has nothing to do with me. He made the decision not to play football, but today he blamed me for him not playing, and said it was my fault!
Sometimes i feel like just walking away and giving up. There are some days when he just follows me around the house arguing with me, and he won't back off. He is in my face, and just keeps going and going. Other days he won't talk to me at all.
Can anyone please suggest ways to deal with him, and what might possibly be going on. Is it normal behaviour?

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