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New member - Vitamin B12 deficiency

I was diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency a few weeks ago, and wanted support and opinions. I was originally tested for B12 because I have had fatigue for years and had possible anemia (hemoglobin was normal, but iron itself was low). However, I have other symptoms too. These include:
- Dizziness with spells of seeing blackness in front of my eyes (I am almost totally blind but have light perception unless I'm having these spells).
- Depersonalization and derealization. I have a diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder, so that could explain it as well.
- Mild memory problems, also possibly explained by the DID.
- chronic feelings of overload.
- Stomach pain and reflux.
- Diarrhea, constipation, cramps.

I listed these symptoms on a B12 deficiency forum and was told they could all be explaine dyb that. Doe sanyone else here have similar symptoms? Also, what is your experience with treatment for B12 deficiency? I have an eating issue (induced purging) so my doctor thought that explains the B12 deficiency, and gave me tablets. Now I can't take those really, so I asked forshots instead, which I'm getting soon. I doubt the eating disorder-B12 connection, because I purge only a few times a week, so I'm glad I'm getting shots for I fear I have an absorption issue.

Anyway, I am looking for any support I can get. I may get my first shot on Tuesday (I live in an institution and don't know whether they got the injectible yet). Sorry by the way if I use incorrect English, it is not my native language and while I write it almost as well as Dutch, an exception is medical speak.

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