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Re: Ready to say "screw it" to ALL dr's!

Oh Kenzi, that really sucks. I read this board with interest seeing the differences between the US and the UK, you guys have much more choice about surgeons etc and while the UK feels like the waiting lists are endless and we are kept like mushrooms (in the dark, plenty of manure) as far as getting information on our conditions (I *still* haven't seen my MRI report, though I did see images at my last surgeon appointment...I at least can have pain medicine when I need it, I don't know what the US names are for them but I have omeprazole (stomach liner) to let me take the Ibuprofen, and I also have codeine, tramadol and diazepam pretty much on request, I've also been offered amitriptylline but was concerned about the urine retention (I already have that as a sideline of the myelopathy). I do have progressive myelopathy from my disc prolapse and that's what is warranting the surgery so quickly....though very scared, I still can't wait to have this all over and done with! I hope you get some pain relief soon, xxx

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