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Re: Anxiety

I have found ashwagandha is a very calming herb. It's also used as an adaptogenic for adrenal fatigue. I've researched it and, honestly, can't find anything bad about this supplement. The first few times I took it, I felt kind of tired but that passed the more I used it. I get it at a health food store. The one I buy is Himilyan brand. I think it's a higher quality. I began breaking it in half and taking it twice per day. Then I worked up to a whole pill.

I don't take it much now because I have a tincture I take for adaptogenic purposes and for energy and ashwagandha is in it.

If you read about ashwagandha, there are studies where people are comparing the use of ashwagandha to anti-anxiety meds and anti-depressants and finding very comparable results. Plus you won't have to worry about prescriptions and possible dependency. Worth a read if you're interested.

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