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Re: Please help, I don't know whats happening to me

Originally Posted by FinnMaid View Post
Are you in UK (or Canada)? If you are those reference ranges on the top side can be for freeTs. The ref. ranges you have below are typical freeT ranges in US (different testing methods are used).

I still think you have the freeT results mixed When you switch them they start to make sense and reveal that they truly are on the low side.

Now you've only been on medication for 8 weeks altogether so the dose of 75 mcgs hasn't kicked in fully so there's a slight possibility that 100 mcgs is too much for You - but no need to worry, if your symptoms start to subside and no hyperthyroid symptoms start to appear you should be fine. If you overshoot your goal slightly just drop your dose a bit (to say 87.5 mcgs or day or 100 and 75 on alternating days). Have your labs taken after 6 weeks (not sooner) on a certain dose to see the full effect.

Hi I am in the uk, I definitely got them in the right order, I dont understand why the t3 is so high, I will be careful, if I feel worse i will go back to 75, the only thing is, the doc has given me a prescription for eltroxin cos its cheaper and its one tablet of 100 but I still have enough levo thyroxine to keep me going for a couple of weeks, that will give me enough time to see if 100mcg is ok...... I know it probably isnt enough time, 8 weeks, but I have read so many other threads where a lot of people are getting results in a few weeks and I just want to get better.