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Re: Please help, I don't know whats happening to me

Originally Posted by FinnMaid View Post
Yes it would if that was the case but I don't think that's the case.

You know with hypoT those freeTs usually aren't very "off". I mean when hypoT is diagnosed FT4 is usually close to the bottom of the range or slightly below it, to see a FT4 level that low is very rare and it would be virtually impossible for it to be that low with a person on Eltroxin (or some other levothyroxine ie. synthetic T4 product).

With severe hypERthyroidism it could be possible to see such a high FT3 - but then again you're not hyperT and you're not having extreme hyperT symptoms.

The likeliest explanation is that somebody has mixed things up - when you switch those numbers they make perfect sense when now they don't. I would call the nurse to ask her to check this, with the lab if needed - it's possible the lab already mixed them up.

Thank you, yes I will check it out, I am stressing enough without having to keep checking that the results are right, thank you for your comments, i will let you know what happens