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Re: Please help, I don't know whats happening to me

Originally Posted by FinnMaid View Post
Yes you would expect to be given the right results but sometimes that just doesn't happen. Hope your new dose starts to kick in soon
just found these levels online

T4 = 5.6-13.7 ug/dl (mcg/dl)
FT4 = 0.8-1.5 ng/dl
T3= 87-180 ng/dl
FT3 = 230-420 pg/d;
TSH = 0.4-4.5 mIU/L (mU/L)

that would make my
t3 normal at 136
t4 slightly low at 4.3

That would make them spot on wouldnt it, sorry to be a pain, and thanks for the hug.