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Unhappy my depression

i can't afford counseling so am joining hoping to share stories and find others to gain knowledge, power and support from/to; reasons for my depression: my mom died when i was six; i was abused by my bro and stepmom; i am a single mom 14 yrs. to the light of my life, my son, but his deadbeat took off and has done everything in his power to not pay his support and not be involved and how can get away without paying?; because there is no enforcement in this country nor is there one law that would protect my son's rights as a minor child; i have 5 back herniations, bum ankle, Reiter's Syndrome, thyroid disease, had tons of root canals and extractions and in march 2011 my gi nightmare began and i still can't wake up; 5-10 yrs. ago i began reflux successfully managed by Protonix until last year when I got a hiatal hernia with world's worst heartburn, some nausea, chestpain and stomach pain; i met the wrong surgeon who said We have a surgery for that; i asked him to please just fix my hernia and he said i must choose a wrap for relief so i chose the troupet partial wrap, what i thought would be the lesser of 2 evils and boy was i wrong on my counts; my complications started at 3 mo. with some nausea and pain and fullness; then in jan. i ate fastfood and came down with 2 mo. of acute colitis with rectal bleeding, nausea, diarrhea; then came the world's worst nausea i've ever had in my life and it won't stop; it is daily, debilitating, extreme, intolerable with intense stomach pains where wrap is, can't eat/drink, trouble swallowing; i am off to cleveland clinic for more horrific tests and surgeries; i am a single mom, disabled, bankrupt and we r losing my car/house and will have to go to shelter; I have NO quality of life anymore and we have NO family life; i can't afford to travel but i am slowing dying of digestive diseases and my son is watching me; am i despressed?; absolutely; do i have a right?; definitely. oh yeah. on day one my ex surgeon said he would undo wrap if it came to this; now he won't return my calls so hopefully cleveland will either do undo/redo and give me my life back.

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