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Re: cin, ain, vin and vain...


Thanks for your post. We do seem to have similar histories, which is bad because I would not wish these hpv problems on my anyone, but good in that We are not alone.

Unfortunately, I've not started my treatment for AIN. My colorectal surgeon has opted for a wait and see approach as my partner and I were trying for a baby. Since my post I am now pregnant which scares me, as I've researched that pregnancy is an environment where hpv loves to thrive due to the body's lowered immune system to allow baby to grow. Added problem for me is that my pregnancy is a complicated one which may involve me taking steroid. A double whammy for hpv, they love steroids! So I am scared but I am trying not to stress over it as there is nothing I can do. Even if worst care the AIN turned into anal cancer, I couldn't do anything about it until my baby arrives.

Prior to becoming pregnant my colorectal surgeon recommended immiquiod (I think thats how you spell it) it is the drug used for genital warts but has proved some use is AIN warts rescinding (I read somewhere it had a moderate success rate) have you tried this? I have researched into possible treatment, I would prefer to have the abnormal cells lazered out completely, but I now the down side to that is stenosis which I am already suffering from due to hemorrectomies and also you don't have any tissue for pathology. So I think it's more difficult to see if they have got rid of all the abnormal cells. Plus my colorectal surgeon didnt entertain such talk as i think he prefers the gradual approach to treatment whereas i am very much for i dont care how much it hurts i just want it gone.... What have you tried so far?

Please get back in touch...

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