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Re: Please help, I don't know whats happening to me

Originally Posted by sammy64 View Post
To make sure you get the right information, I suggest you ask for a hard copy of your test results.

It's really best to maintain these types of records especially when one has thyroid disease.
I will thanks, I am just so stressed out, Im all over the place, and of course I keep thinking that all the ailments I have are all something different because apart from reading blogs and threads on hypo, nobody can tell me anything about it, everyone has different symptoms, but I just wanted to know if my levels were right and whether there was anything wrong with them because Ive had these symptoms for such a long time now, Im falling apart at the moment, and I just wanted to be re-assured that once the medication starts to work, my symptoms will start to subside, Im not coping well at all, I am a self employed cleaner and decorator and I just keep dragging myself through the day and my highlight is to go on a 5 mile hike every day with my friend, It hurts every step of the way, my muscles hurt like mad like ive ran a marathon from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed, and if I dont do this I will gain 3 pound over night, which I presume is water, even tho I still blow up with water every day, I get very out of breath too, Ive gone from being healthy and running 5 times a week to gaining 3 stone in2 years and struggling to even get up, I really want to take a couple of weeks off but I cant afford to, I am so messed up in my head right now so I apologise for going on and asking silly questions.

I would just like to know if its normal to feel so ill with so many ailments all happening at the same time with hypo and will it get better with medication, Im not gonna be left with all this pain am I.

Sorry for going on