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Re: cin, ain, vin and vain...

Thanks for you well wishes. Its too early to know what sex yet... and because my life obviously isnt exciting and stressful enough with hpv and worrying about developing cervical or anal cancer etc, my pregnancy is categorised as rare and high risk, so I'm warned that The further along I get in my pregnancy the more likely I'm going to miscarry... Just my luck.... Still dont get me wrong, my bf an I have been waiting for this for years so i'll take everyday of worrying if it means we can have Family! I'm trying not to fret and enjoy the pregnancy...

AIN is a nightmare isn't. I completely understand. Don't be hard on yourself about delaying going to see your consultant... It's very hard to sometimes and I am often in denial myself. I have already declined further screening while I am pregnant even though I have a gut feeling that my symptoms are getting worse...

I've had biopsies and an anal mapping, is that what you mean when you say 'staining' procedure to find the lesions? You mentioned lazers in your post was this to try and treat the ain first time around? Let me know how you get on withthe immiquiod, ive researched theside effects I.e the burning. But try to keep positive,the burning is possibly destroying the abnormal cells which could harm you... My colo surgeon has said he has had relative success with his patients when using this... If it gets too bad I think they schedule a short break to recover half way through the treatment. But hey we've had hemorrectomies which they say is worse than childbirth (would you agree with that statements now you have a child?' so I'm sure you will handle the treatment just fine.

Some days I am scared too and it's really hard to explain to people what's wrong. I am glad you contacted me I really am. Please stay in touch.

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