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Do I need to directly do colonoscopy or see my Gastroenteology first ?

I did colonoscopy on June 2007, the result was normal . But the doctor said he found two very small polyps and already removed them. The report didn’t mention about this point just asked me to do follow up colonoscopy in 5 years. I don't know
this asking because I was found two polyps or I am 60 years old person.
Now my doctor office already sent me a letter for scheduling this procedure. I like to know if I need to see my doctor first or just directly schedule colonoscopy. The reason I think to see doctor first is that I hesitate to colonoscopy even it had not made me any trouble yet. I knew it’s accident rate should be pretty low but I am not sure I need to do it every five years without seeing doctor ? I don’t know if the fecal occult blood test ( FOBT) can help me to decide or I have another choice ? but if I still need to do colonoscopy after doing FOBT because some doctors only believe scopy . I will do it directly . I still have some symptoms since many years ago but have no changed yet.

Thank you for your opinion.
had herniated disc in L5 s1 nine years ago, left persistent right leg pain. PSA right now is 4.5 , have rhinitis .

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