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Re: Conflicting Advice/Confused

A few years ago I moved from a rural to more metropolitan area after graduating from college and had to find a new dentist. My new dentist uses much more up-to-date technology, but this is not very cost effective, considering my dental insurance will not cover a lot of it. The new dentist also found a lot more wrong with my teeth than my old dentist had. Part of me thinks that the new office just wants to bring in more money

In any case, I just started Invisalign, and despite my suspicions about my new dentist's motives, I will not switch dentists until the Invisalign treatment is over. I would think going to two dentists for different treatments would make things really complicated. My advice would be to stick it out with your old dentist and discuss some of the issues you are concerned about with him.

Does Invisalign get less annoying as you adjust? Right now I hate these things and the idea of a year with them seems like cruel and unusual punishment! I'm only on day 4....