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Re: Lung Nodule - 3.5mm

Hi Chrimar - yeah, I think the worry is the worst part to be honest. Smoking has stopped... I did hear back from the doctor though. He said, "Your CT scans came back normal, there was nothing found that would cause the pain on your right side. This is great news." What he didnt address was the nodule or the kidney stone on the left side. So, I sent him an email back asking for further 'review'.

The odd thing is that at times I feel short of breath, mostly when I am sitting or laying down for bed - but, I dont know if its anxiety problems (which I wasnt feeling until after I found out about the nodule... my brain again in overdrive? or if I am having respiratory issues....)

I guess what I am mostly afraid of is, if the Dr. says to wait for a couple of months and then get it re-ct'd, this stupid thing growing up and inviting family and friends over.... In addition to everything else, I dont have health insurance and am in the 'working-poor' economic class... argh.

Thanks for your kind words.