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Hi everyone.

Just joined the forum. Have been sitting in limbo land for close to 2 years.

Have had a MRI with one confirmed lesion on my spinal cord, so far ruled out everything except MS or an old injury. So still in limbo. Dr has not ordered new tests yet, guess she's just waiting to see what else comes up.

Last appointment she noticed my left hand was shaky when doing to nose to finger test and my left leg was weak. I couldn't push too hard on her hand.

Its a confusing time, i am not sure what is going on or if i am even dreaming what i feel. Last week i had both my elbow and wrist lock up on me. I couldn't bend either for over 48 hrs. I know i didn't fall or hurt it. Not quite sure what i did to it. I don't see the doctor till next April so cant tell her about it. I tend to forget things that happen by the time i see her, If i am feeling good that's what i tell her. Not used to trying to remember everything that may or may not have happened over the months/year or telling doctors about ever ache and pain.

I have fallen 3 times in the last 3 months. Not the norm for me. Last one was down the stairs . Good thing i didn't seriously hurt my self. I did remember to tell her at my last appointment. She didn't say much about it. Just said to call her if anything happens. (what is she looking for?) I didn't call her last week when elbow or wrist locked up. I didn't think it was part of MS. Now i am second guessing my self.

I am so confused over what i should be watching for and what i shouldn't be. I don't want to sound like a baby telling her everything little thing that is wrong. Is it wrong to feel so confused over this?

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