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I think something's wrong with my brain and I'm very weak

Please help me. I feel a little uneasy and weak on the previous days but I decided to continue my workout. After that I felt great but the next day, I felt very very weak (like I was going to faint but didnt) . I had a loss of appetite and my stool was dark and green. I felt very anxious and on the following days. I had a foggy mind. I felt a little better but something's going on my brain I can't explain. It's like I had trouble thinking. Doing simple things makes my brain stressed out. It's very difficult thinking straight. Even right now while I'm typing these words, I feel like I'm doing it but I feel uncomfortable. I feel like im having some kind of memory loss but I'm trying hard to not lose it and it's making me feel very uncomfortable. My mind is really foggy right now but I can still do the right thing but I think it's stressing me out. I'm really afraid and don't know what to do. (I had a bloodtest and results seems to turn out fine) Thanks..

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