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Re: anyone having joint pain or muscle pain with the pollen

Originally Posted by gigi11 View Post
I feel like I am going crazy. Everyone in my household has different symptoms everyday. Either nausea and belchie - which is caused by the mucus we are swallowing by accident. or we have headaches, runny noses, and feeling tired.

One really weird symptom I have been feeling is muscle ache and joint pain. Sometimes the joint pain gets so bad that my thumb or toes will tingle. On and off like that for the past 5 days. My kids will tell they sometimes feel that way. My neck will get stiff as well. I called my allergists and he said you can get the feeling like you have the flu and your joints, muscles will ache. Is anyone else experiencing this same pain?
I am glad to know I am not alone on this!! I have been searching the Web today for answers and bump into this site! It does give one a feeling of "going crazy" This is my first year in Tucson and I finding hard to deal with the dust and "very' low humidity - which is as bad as high. I do not take medications of any kind but vitamins and some home remedies. On AcuWeather I read today that Dust and Dander in here is EXTREME condition and they caution folks about it. I am thinking about relocating by the end of the year. Though I love the hot weather I have felt sicker than ever before. The dust is incredible and is everywhere.. I wake up with dry mouth, nose and puffy eyes... Is unfortunately to be so allergic... In the morning I can tell what the weather would be like by how my body feels...
Thank you for your posting.