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Re: Ready to say "screw it" to ALL dr's!

[QUOTE=jennybyc;4970964]Kenzi....some more

All of the above went away after my first neck surgery. Fact is, most doc's think "when you hear hooves, think horses, not zebras" and I not only had zebras but they were being ridden by penguins. Everyone was truly shocked when they found out how bad my neck was.

Hi Jenny,
Your above quote really made me smile. My orthopedic doc that I went to see after the neurologist told me that I might have ALS based on an unauthorized gene test that showed a dominant gene found in5% of the population with ALS, asked me if Isaw zebras in the room after he reviewed my MRI. He said he saw horses all over the neck results & no zebras!

My family doc when I told him this story chuckled and said they learned that saying in med school.

I hope you're feeling well.