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Re: What is wrong with me?

Maybe you should try seeing an ENT if you feel like something is stuck in your throat. But it does sound like you might have GERD.

I rarely experience heartburn either. Actually, I'd say I experienced heartburn less than 5 times ever since I started complaining about my symptoms over a year ago. Laryngopharyngeal reflux is essentially GERD, but patients don't experience heartburn as a symptom.

Also, I've never regurgitated food. However, I have felt water reflux up my esophagus shortly after drinking on a full stomach. And I seem to burp A LOT.

Since you did a chest X-Ray, I think you might want to do an endoscopy next. It sucks that your x-ray came back normal. I was never given a diagnosis, but I'm very afraid that they'll do a barium swallow on me and won't find anything.