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Re: Abdominal Distention causes?

Originally Posted by Carys x View Post
Hi, I'm a teenage girl, I've always been quite slim, but the past few years I've noticed my stomach isn't in proportion to the rest of my body. I know a few years sounds like a really long time to notice something and not really think about it, but I thought I was just a bit chubbier round my stomach than the rest of my body. But recently I've been trying to do more exercise and eat healthily, and I'm happy with the result on the rest of my body, it's just my stomach doesn't seem to have been affected, despite a ton of specific stomach exercises. It seems that my lower stomach (literally starting at my belly button) projects out a lot more than it should. It feels quite firm, but I'm not sure how firm it should be anyway.. If that makes any sense. I also very rarely burp, (a few times a year) so maybe if could be something to do with trapped gas. I turned to the internet for help and found a picture of a woman with abdominal distention that looked really similar to mine (if a bit more extreme). Online advice seems to be to take food enzymes and that it could be a digestive enzyme problem, or a gas problem (for which I've ordered some charcoal tablets), I've also considered it could be a food intolerance of sorts? I also have a small appetite, get dizzy often when I stand and occasionally get bad chest pains (again, gas?) but I don't know/think these are related to the stomach issue. I'm a bit worried about going to the doctors incase the result is that I just have a chubby tummy, that could be embarrassing! So I was hoping to try a simple cure before any doctor visits, but I couldn't find any cases similar to mine online, I'd be really grateful for any tips you have on this because I truly hate my stomach and would love to get a bit of confidence back in it again in time for summer.
Thankyou for reading, sorry about the long post
Carys x
P.S It's definitely not pregnancy haha
Sometimes too much air in our stomach can cause distension,trapped gas(can cause chest pains at times) and not having bowel movements on a regular basis can cause distension,very hard feeling abdomen and cause you to feel bloated as well. Have you tried any over the counter products to relieve gas ?
When I get a lot gas that I can't expel, I go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet and place my right hand on my lower abdomen(just below the belly button) and push down and inward to help expel as much gas as possible and then I sit on the toilet for awhile because pushing on my abdomen usually gets things moving down there and I have a bowel movement and able expel all the rest of the gas that was trapped. This relieves the pain and pressure from the trapped gas. I also to watch how much gassy food I eat as this just causes even more build up of gas. I hope this helps.