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Re: Ready to say "screw it" to ALL dr's!

Originally Posted by kenzibenzi View Post
Realhousewife: Like I said to Jenny... "When I say pain, I mean the tingling sleeping feeling in the upper back shoulder from spine to shoulder" ...sorry if I keep calling it pain, didn't know what else to call it. I do have upper arm weakness in the right arm, that is documented in my file from the neurologist.

I DO NOT want to have surgery, just so everyone knows. I'm just trying to find out if my spinal cord being compressed to 7-8mm is dangerous or if I have time to not worry about it is all.

I've been doing stretching (still do) on my own for months. I try and do what I can on my own to keep myself from falling apart. I've been on anti-inflammatory meds forever and done hot & cold packs. I have no objections to going to PT, but I just don't see how it will help unless the bone spur is removed.

Thanks for all the input, very appreciated and informative!
I had that too. Be forewarned-if the damage is done it might not be reversible even with surgery. I still have tingling in my left arm and it goes numb on me still.

I'm going to tell you what my NS said when I first saw him. He said the 5 mm narrowing of the spinal canal was a significant compression. The other level was a 6.6 mm. He told me he would definitely do the 5 mm compression and throw in the 6.6 mm one because that would stop my arm problems. He never said that the 6.6 mm was as serious as the 5 mm one. On the MRI the radiologist said it was a moderate narrowing of the spinal canal at the 6.6 mm narrowing while he states that the 5 mm one is a severe narrowing of the spinal canal . The 6.6 mm narrowing also had a huge osteophyte in addition to a posterior disc herniation. The 5 mm narrowing also flattened the spinal cord which was because of a large extruded herniated disc.

You might not want to have surgery now but I think it's also wise to prepare yourself mentally in case you do now or in the future.

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