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Unable to find things right in front of you an early sign?

Just a curiosity question. Is loosing something or unable to find something directly in front of you and in plain sight a sign?

This has been happening with increasing frequency, several times an evening. e.g. last evening in the kitchen. I was cleaning up; my lovely wife, L, was just hanging around.
L: Where are the peanuts?
Me: They are in the pantry (motioning to the pantry right next to her)
L: (opens the pantry, looks) Where are they? They are not there.
Me: The bag of peanuts is on the middle shelf, right in the middle and front.
L: They are NOT there!
Me: Your hand is almost resting on them. I can see them from across the room.
L: (getting a bit testy) They are NOT there! You find them.
Me: (walked across the room as delicately as i could, and got the bag of peanuts out) you might not recognize the bag. Seems they changed the color of the bag since the last time we bought them.

Sigh.... (the bag color has not changed. there is no new bag. it's the exact same bag for the last month, just less peanuts in the bag now).

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