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Re: Unable to find things right in front of you an early sign?


Like you, I analyzed everything my FIL did wrong or funny.

The fact is she does not recognize or remember where the peanuts are. The details are not crucial. The fact is she forgot the details.
It is common that she would forget the details. In fact, she may buy more if she cannot find it.
It is common as the TV AD show: The guy keeps buying milk or lemons.

Face it, she has something wrong in her memory. Please talk to her doctor ASAP.

For sure you need to get into the trick mode now to remove her car so she does not drive like that for 2 or 3 hours again and got lost! It would be very dangerous for her. At times the patients with Alzheimer's got lost and are found to be dead in the winter. I heard a few cases like that here in Canada.

You need to act now. There are 2 kinds of tricks:
The first kind is when she is still smart: At this point, she is no longer clear about the laws or the rules in the society even though she can talk very well and know what she wants. Make up something or quote something real from the laws. My FIL refused to hire a caregiver until we told him the neighbor will sue us and told the social worker to take him away. (The neighbor did threaten us once because my FIL fell and had taken too much pain killer. So my husband flew there the next day.)
Say anything at all. Tell her the authority does not allow 6 dogs, tell her the DMV does not allow such drive. Tell her the check up is for her cancer (a lie) and tell her the sons will have the dogs so she is not worried too much about the dogs. (A lie too.)

The second kind is when she no longer remembers lots of things. You can just use the fact that she forgot and take away the dogs. She may forget the dogs' names and etc. one day. She could get worse in her memory in 6 months or 1 year.
My FIL remembered about his memory issue and DMV issue in 2006, but in 2007 he totally forgot what happened to the license and car. We donated the car behind his back as the car was broken anyway.

You really have to start some tricks before it is too late.
Since this happened, has it occurred to you that she may get another dog because she forgot that she had 5 dogs already at the moment?

I suggest that she needs a part-time caregiver next to her so she is not alone.

Take care,

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