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Re: Knee arthroscopy - 2 wks ago swelling around Portal

Hello, Thank you for your reply. It is reassuring to know this is 'normal'. I am massaging but the lump is still there. It doesn't appear to be causing me too many problems, I now have a good range of movement, stiffness getting less with stretching, which is the main thing. You are right mainly noticeable when standing, or leg straight. Knee still 1 1/2 times the other, so clearly a lot of swelling going on in side. When in recovery room, was told needed more steroid steroid injections so maybe something was seen during arthroscopy explaining this. Have grade 1V OA in both knees - so recovery certainly taking longer than would like, but the locking seems to have gone, so all in all hoping has bought me more time, before dreaded TKR.

Many Thanks again, reply much appreciated.