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Re: Numbness from chin to incision site after ACDF

I pray that this is the one and only surgery you need. If you do start to have symptoms, again, call the NS as soon as you can, and get to the bottom of whatever it is before it goes too far; I'm sure you already know this.

With me, and here's the sad part, my NS knew I had some instability in the disc above my first surgery as well as below, but, the insurance company would not pay for the surgery unless the disc was pressing at least 4mm into the spinal canal. So, 2 years after my first surgery, C2-3 finally herniated enough that the insurance company would pay for it. The disc below was still hanging on but very unstable, 2 years after C2-3 was fused, my pain management doc was giving me an injection into the C7-T1 area, the unstable disc. While he had me under the fluoroscope, he saw the disc was totally unstable and he knew it was time for me to see my NS. He gave me the injection, but said it wasn't going to do much, because the disc was too far gone. They were very concerned because the disc was moving all over and they were afraid it was going to push into the spinal cord and do some serious damage. It's the insurance companies that cause some people to suffer more than they should have to. I probably could have had one big surgery and gotten everything taken care of instead of 3 separate surgeries. Both of my doctors are praying that C1-C2 doesn't blow, but, because of my history, there is a strong possibility that it can go, that's one disc my NS says is tough, but he's done it. If that goes, my entire cervical spine will be fused.

So great to hear you had such a wonderful report from your NS. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you will not need any more surgery.