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Re: Perilymph Fistula

Originally Posted by marineman View Post
I made a mistake on a dive. I had trouble clearing and forced it. My ears were killing me for hours after, so I have little doubt that I did something to my ears. PLF seems like a very logical guess. I went down feeling fine, but came up dizzy and have been ever since. It is relentless!

Xtine, did you ever end up having surgery? I've seen your posts but can't remember.
well- i did but the dumbass dr. i saw locally (i'm in canada) didn't patch me.. long story as he basically screwed up. i didn't bother with it again since i thought just the op could help in wound healing.. which it did. i was consulting with a specialist in Lousiana who I was going to get the surgery thru.. he's well versed on PLFs and fixes many, many of those who were failed by other doctors or who didn't know what was wrong. but i became pregnant with our 3 child and luckily the pregnancy helped fix things.. i'm not 100% but much better these day.. hoping it sticks! if not, i am still ready to see the specialist there.. there is no way i can go back and live with what i had again... it's terrible and i never want to be so debilitated again.

where are you? in the US? these is a thread on scubaboards about PLFs too.

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