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terrified to get tested

Hi all...I'm 30 and never been tested for HIV. I've always practiced safer sex my entire life (usually oral, and anal twice both times with a condom. I've made out with someone who I found out later had HIV, although thankfully we did not have any sort of sex.) I know statistically the odds are much in my favour.

I recently I just met someone who's very important to me, so I know I have to get tested to put my mind at ease because I can't fathom any sort of chance, even very small, of putting him in any sort of danger. (My partner has been tested and is negative.)

There are clinics that offer free rapid testing but I'm just so terrified at the process...telling the person at the desk that I want an HIV test...and then getting tested...and the wait (even though it's not that long.) And, in the off chance, what happens if I really am positive? I wouldn't have the money to pay for the meds.

Ugh. I guess I just need to stop freaking out and accept that things are going to be okay.

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