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Re: Over a week and still no test results?

I called them yesterday. Everything looks normal, surprise surprise lol I will admit I was disapointed. Will so much neck pain & everything I'd hoped they'd fine something fixable so that maybe it would help... They did a simple blood test on the growth hormone deficiency & I guess that was normal. I just can't help but wonder if there is something hormone related. All my issues started when I got pregnant with my first child & fibro kicked in right after the last one was born. Then with the derealization it's never went away in 13 yrs. I read that it could be caused because of a pituitary disorder. So I was hoping to get answers... I've seen a endo before, lots of tests & no help. I think this dic may be referring me to another one...
I really want to get rid of the derealization. I'm just so sick of it & spent 13 yrs trying to figure out how to get rid of it. Maybe it's time to throw in the towel & just deal with it? If it were fixable it would have probly been fixed by now right?
Fibro pain just keeps getting worst. Feel like I'm always in a flare. I'm not sure why, do pretty good at keeping stress controlled & been really good at not over doing it. Atleast it's not the headache or puking flare but close enough. But at te beginning of fibro it was mild. Now I just always hurt so much & fatigue is awful. Exercise doesn't help, eating healthy, doing my best to get enough sleep.
Ugh, sorry I guess my mind is on overload lol
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